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Choosing the right strategies for your personal situation is of the upmost importance if you are going to make the most of your investments.  You’ll need to consider your investment goals and time frame as well as the level of risk you are prepared to accept along the way. At Q Advice we’ll assist you to determine the investment strategy that is best for you by:

  • advising on managed funds and share investments
  • constructing the right investment portfolio 
  • giving guidance on gearing ( Risks & Benefits)
  • designing particular purpose investments
  • discussing tax effective strategies.

When developing an investment strategy for you, the following are considered:

Determining your risk profile

The risk an investment carries correlated to the potential return. Thus, the greater the potential return the greater the potential risk. You will need to consider the amount of risk you are comfortable with and use this as a guide to investing.

Choosing the right asset classes

Cash and Fixed Interest investments are defensive assets. Expected returns are stable. These produce income but not growth in capital value.
Shares and Property are growth assets producing both income and capital growth.  Returns are volatile and are for investment over the long term.


Investing your money across different asset classes helps reduce your risk and give a more consistent overall return


When reinvesting the income from your investments you will be “earning income on your income”. Over time this can make a big difference to your investment’s value.

Regular investing

By investing a sum on a regular basis you purchase assets at a higher price sometimes and at a lower price at other times. This smooths the average price you pay for the asset.

Investment timeframe

Having established what you’re trying to achieve you will need to invest in assets that are appropriate for your investment time frame to have a better chance of achieving your goals. 

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